2016 Transit Gets EcoBlue Diesel Engine

April 28, 2016
Amid worldwide diesel emission scandals and probes, Ford have announced that their Transit vans will be the first vehicles across the full Ford commercial and passenger range to receive a brand new 2 litre Ecoblue diesel engine.The new engine will replace the familiar 2.2 litre TDCI engine, which has been powering a wide range of vehicles for over a decade now. As well as the Transit, vehicles powered by variants of the old engine include the iconic Land Rover Defender and the Jaguar X-Type.The new 2.0 litre engine will first be deployed in the Ford Transit, before being used across Ford’s range of passenger cars. A smaller, 1.5 litre engine will also be used in smaller vehicles, including the Transit Connect.So what improvements can we expect?

It’s reported that the engine increases fuel efficiency by 13% over it’s predecessor, with CO2 emissions also decreasing significantly. Under real world testing the new engines achieved 46.3 mpg and 42.2mpg with start/stop technology fitted, meaning that Transit drivers will save £1,250 in fuel bills every 80,000 miles.

The new engines are offered with the following power ratios: 104 bhp, 129 bhp and 168 bhp. The engine also boasts a 20% increase in torque at 1250 rpm, meaning a more flexible and refined driving experience.

Further updates across the Transit range include a new infotainment system and a whole host of new driver assist systems. Pre-collision assist with pedestrian warnings can be specified, as can adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition. It doesn’t stop there, a new stability control system applies the brakes on one side of the van to minimise the effect of cross winds when they are detected. Curve Control and Roll Stability Control also work hard to improve stability under braking and turning. The only update to the exterior of the much loved Transit is a new chrome strip on the lower front grille.

CPD & The Transit

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