An Insight into CPD’s Lightweight Luton

December 2, 2015


We feel the Lightweight Luton produced on site, right here at CPD Bodies is something to be proud of, so much so, it’s blog post worthy. We provide Luton’s, a quarter of the weight of predecessors yet the strength attached to each vehicle exceeds, let alone remains. Far greater payloads can be accommodated and our speciality lies within body construction and finish. Consisting of aero pod and collar, lightweight panels, one piece floor and anodised alloy back frame and side rave, if required, your purchase can be fitted with tail lifts. This is something we will discuss with you in the first instance as it is important to ensure the Lightweight Luton ordered is not only to exact specification but meets all of your requirements. The right van allows you to do your job correctly and we are on hand to help you achieve this.

Luton’s were originally constructed to cope with high volumes as opposed to heavy weights and the load of choice was in fact straw hats! You can view this information in one of our earlier infographics, The Lightweight Luton where you will find some interesting facts and figures. As bizarre as this sounds, straw hats played a large role in Luton’s industry meaning their transportation was imperative to a cost effective output. Products were placed in long cylinders and wrapped in hessian in order to fit width ways in each van. During the days of straw hat transportation, Luton’s were built on a Bedford chassis which was incidental to location.

So what are some of the features you can expect from our vans? To begin with, every vehicle is custom built onsite by highly skilled industry professionals. We are confident with the products and service offered knowing both of these outweigh that of any other commercial vehicle bodybuilder in the UK. In addition to the aspects covered new owners will receive a minimum one year warranty. The product advice we provide is second to none and is something that keeps clients coming back to us in the future. We are a trusted company with a solid reputation in Teesside, the North East and UK wide. Each van is designed to maintain appearance through a full working life.

For specific information on Lightweight Luton’s speak to us today and we will talk you through all of the available options. To keep up to date with CPD Bodies why not like us on Facebook?