Build Of the Week

Here at CPD Bodies we have been at the forefront of traffic management builds for over 7 years. We have the ability on site to offer the complete body from start to finish.

For this particular client, after initial contact we spent time discussing the needs of the end user and assisted in designing the most appropriate specification.

One major point on this project was the dropwells which needed to function in a very particular manner. As you see in the pictures we have found a bespoke solution that works well. All parts fold away neatly without impairing the functionality. Also with this design – when you come to sell the vehicle on – the dropwell can be removed to turn the build back into a standard dropside.

We have added an LP13 light arrow board to the rear and attached it to a handy sign rack which can be used to store smaller pop-up road signs.

A strong, secure toolbox behind the cab will keep those more expensive pieces of equipment safe and out of sight.

To keep the workers safe there is a fall arrest system, this time made with lightweight staps rather than metal barriers, again in a bright yellow for added visibility.


To keep the vehicle visible from a distance there are a number of lighting elements in addition to high-viz reflective markers and tape.
Strobes to the front compliment the rooftop beacon and make this vehicle particularly hard to miss even in low light of foggy conditions.

Worklights, so that the end user can operate safely on the bed of the vehicle, even in pitch darkness, have been fitted to the headboard.

The modern LED lighting is so powerful that it can illuminate far beyond the vehicle too, if angled correctly, helping to get the job done out on site.

All this fitted to an automatic Iveco chassis adds up to a superb Traffic Vehicle able to adapt to a number of different tasks for years to come.         



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