Build of the week

October 19, 2018

CPD Bodies Low Floor Renault has scooped up the winning spot this week!








The lightweight low floor luton is known for it’s strength, rigidity and robustness.  The GRP panels are lightweight materials which ultimately give the customer far greater payloads than ever seen before. CPD Bodies luton workshop specialises in body construction and maintaining a finished design ensuring that each and every build is exactly what the customer requires.

Renault, Lightweight Low Floor Luton (Platform Cab ,Single Cab, Master) – Guide Sizes: External Body Width (W) 2080mm, External Body Length: 4300mm (L), Internal Body Height (H) 2500mm

Aero Pod and side skirts
Lightweight GRP panels
One piece floor – wisadeck
Anodised alloy back frame and side rave
One pair of loadlocks – with basher plate behind with extra strong fitting (as use ratchet straps for securing the loads)
Barn doors to the rear
Interior LED light fitted to the o.s.r

Wheel boxes – 370mm x 370mm x 985mm – made of plywood on both sides

The Renault Low floor chassis is supplied with original rear light clusters, all external wiring has been protected in conduit tubing and all connections have been covered with heat shrink insulation to ensure no water ingress.




Another very happy customer!




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