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June 1, 2018

And the winner is…








CPD Bodies Peugeot Praevia Tipper with tool box and cage

CPD Bodies Ltd Praevia Range translates in Latin as “Leading the way”. Offering market leading payloads in a robust tipping body required for every day work.

Praevia Tipper – approx 8ft 6″ (due to the tool pod)

Welded Steel Floor
Pressed steel headboard
Powder coated lightweight doors – fixed in position
Robust lightweight corner posts and pillars
Rope hooks to every bearer, ladder gantry et

Deadlocks Fitted to Cab doors
Reverse Sensors – 4 Sensor Buzzer warning
Livery as per Templates supplied
Loose Mesh Light Guards for Retro fit (Pre-drilled holes)

Full Width Alloy Toolpod (670mm) with Lockable Doors each side placed behind the cab













Full 6ft 6″ lightweight cage built over the tool box, situated behind the cab for extra space. Roof and rear barn doors open at a 270 degree angle (no sliding doors) Painted in our standard colour of black

The benefits of using a Peugeot chassis is they are readily available, they are cheaper, lighter, offer market leading payloads and match manufacturer warranty.

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