Commercial Spray Booth

May 2, 2018

The new commercial spray booth at CPD Bodies is now open and perfect for full colour changes and repairs on all commercial vehicles.

The extra space will allow us to increase and speed up our existing production. All types of repairs on high roof vehicles can now be quoted for, get in touch with our team for any further information.


The Airstream 5 Spray Booth/Oven 
– Direct gas/LPG/indirect oil fired heater.
– Double skin rockwool insulated panels poly white finish.
– 2.82 metre wide main doors with large observation windows, panic push pads, one self-closing main door.
– LED Lighting as standard with 8 multi-tube light units mounted at ceiling height giving a light output of 1500 lux.
– Rear extraction.
– 2 x 5.5kw centrifugal fan system.
– 25,000 m3 per hour airflow.


CPD Bodies continue to meet and exceed customer expectations. We are mindful that a business cannot stand still in today’s ever changing market. We do not get complacent or comfortable, we are always striving to improve our services and be the best at what we do to help improve the customer journey.