CPD Bodies 3D Vehicle Builder

April 4, 2018

As many of you may already know CPD Bodies like to stand out from the crowd, not only do we continually strive towards success but we like to do things a little bit different and what can I say you always remember those who are different.

CPD Bodies are all about pleasing the customer, let’s face it…they play a vital role in the business and without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We like to guide customers and clients from start to finish so we thought let’s give the customers something a little different and we did. CPD Bodies launched our exclusive 3D vehicle builder which takes you through a step by step process allowing you to customise a commercial vehicle, visualise your build and it even works out an estimated payload which we know is an important element.

When I joined CPD Bodies I was very new to the business and to be honest I was slightly overwhelmed by the industry and how broad the spectrum actually was. In my first few weeks I remember sitting in meetings listening to conversations about requirements and existing builds and I’m not going to lie, I was a little confused. Then it clicked, were all on about the same thing just people call things slightly different and have their own names and interpretations for things and I can honestly say our 3D vehicle builder has been a life saver.

Take a look on our website today www.cpdbodies.com select ‘Get Building’ and give it a go, what you waiting for. Make sure you check out Step 6 this is what helped me, pick your additional extra select the   and you will get a description of the product by doing this it ensures you are picking the correct item for your build.

If you have any questions or requirements please get in touch.

Amy Williams

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