CPD Bodies – A day in Sam’s shoes

March 27, 2018

A day in sales, many people believe sales is chatting to people on the phone, going on fancy dinner dates and big bonuses, whilst all that is true there’s so much more happening behind the scenes.

Sam Smith-Browne is CPD Bodies National Account Manager, you know when she is around and she really is a valued member of the company. Her presence in the office brings happiness and laughter and you can see that she is genuinely passionate about her job.

It’s very rare that Sam has time to herself she has phone calls to return, sales meetings to attend, deadlines to meet and targets to hit…so let’s face it, we can definitely say her working week is pretty hectic and sometimes I ask myself how she keeps so motivated but I suppose it is true what they say,  good things come to those who wait and work hard.

Sam doesn’t start at 7:45am and she certainly doesn’t finish at 4:30pm, she will always go that extra mile for her customers and the company. Over time she has built up solid trusting relationships with clients and this alone is a key element to why she is a successful Sales Manager and is well respected in the industry.

Personality goes along way and Sam’s definitely got that hard working, fun, bubbly vibe, she can literally talk to anyone. Added bonus she oozes with knowledge yes, she may not know everything but who does? One thing she will do is find out…no matter how many phones calls she has to make she will get your answer.

When Sam isn’t in the office she is out on the road generating leads and always comes back with positive news and even sometimes a story. Driving plays a major part in Sam’s role and I suppose, not only do you need an endless stash of cash for coffee but you have to like your own company. You can spend an entire day in your car and the only interaction you have is disagreeing with your sat nav and singing your own lyrics to the songs on the radio so it definitely takes a particular person to remain happy if you’re doing this throughout the working week, however Sam never fails to come in to the office happy and raring to go, she really is an inspiration and I’ve learnt so much from her.

Sam always puts the customer first and I’m more than confident that she can help you with any questions and requirements that you have. Sam can be found on LinkedIn and looks forward to your requests, likes and shares.

Thank you for taking time out of your day.

Amy Williams

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