CPD Bodies welfare vehicle project!

August 8, 2018

Once again CPD Bodies have seized an opportunity and we can finally announce that our new project is currently underway. We noticed a gap in the market and realised only a limited number of converters produced welfare vehicles in and around our area and after many weeks of planning we are now working towards becoming a reputable welfare vehicle converter.

Whilst this is still a new venture for us we are aiming to one day soon compete against competitors lead times and quality. The next few weeks are going to be trial and error as we have a brand-new team working together and it’s a new road for us but ultimately, we aim to be producing high quality builds in the next coming months.

We aim to target traffic management companies predominantly those working in maintenance environments, providing high quality reliable vehicles ensuring the welfare of your employee’s as well as maintaining safety standards.

Welfare vehicles are typically fitted with hot running water, a toilet, canteen facilities including a microwave and a seating area offering you everything you need to make sure your staff remain comfortable and safe whilst on a job.








Ford Transit including:

  • Window conversion – near side and offside bonded sliding window including one emergency glass hammer
  • Interior x3 LED lighting strips fitted to the front cabin area. Catering all areas
  • Auxiliary wiring loom and control panel controlling all additional electrical fitted items. (Includes isolator switches, mains, x2 charging sockets 12v 20amp)
  • Auxiliary batteries x2 fitted in a secure and standalone unit in mess area
  • Invertor – 1 kw 240V
  • Microwave – 240V
  • Water Boiler – 2 litre capacity 700 watts 12V
  • Sink including hot and cold-water taps
  • Water containers 5 litres each – x4
  • x2 row seating system, removable crash tested seats securing to floor fixed runner system. 2 seats per row, 450mm fixed back seat and seat belts, trimmed in black vinyl. Left/right hand side belts available
  • Fixed table secured to the floor and offside of the mess area
  • Interior lining kit with pre-finish material to cover – side panels, roof, door panels, secondary bulkhead to partition the rear
  • First aid kit
  • Hand cleaner station (Barrier, cleanser and sanitizer)
  • Hand towel dispenser
  • Eye wash station
  • 2kg Dry powder fire extinguisher
  • Yellow grab handle fitted to the n/s entrance door
  • Fletner roof vent fitted directly above the mess area
  • Cabin heater covering the main mess van area and the rear bulk head section
  • Toilet Cubicle – 25ltr cassette, with electric flush fitted in the rear partitioned area on the near side. Fresh water tank. Toilet is installed in a private cubicle with a hinged and lockable door
  • Tow bar, ball and pin Transit. Jaw 50mm Ball & Pin Coupling 25mm
  • Fletner roof vent and drain hole in the toilet cubicle (cleaning purposes)
  • Reverse camera dash mounted 7 ” colour display, camera mounted on rear bumper
  • Separate sink in the offside rear area of the vehicle
  • Coat hooks fitted to the rear area of the vehicle (x5)

Should you have any questions relating to our welfare vehicles please get in touch with Sam@doocey.co.uk

CPD Bodies Ltd are the alternative!