Low floor Skeletal chassis

May 3, 2018

After weeks of silence and hard work it’s officially out in the open!

CPD Bodies were overwhelmed when Ford selected us as their commercial converter representative for the new Skeletal chassis and what better place than the CV Show to reveal our new traffic management build.

 The CV Show has been a great success for us not only have we generated new leads and business but the support has been fantastic. To say we come from a small, close-knit company we really have achieved so much in a short space of time but the journey hasn’t been easy, it’s took patience, determination and passion and we will continue striving towards being one of the UK’s leading commercial vehicle body builders.

The CV Show was a game changer for CPD Bodies not only did we want to stand out from the crowd but we had a huge responsibility of unveiling Fords Skeletal chassis so as you can imagine there was a mixture of emotions flying around the workplace prior to the show but we can now say we did it and we succeeded!!







• 2x steel toolboxes (40.8kg) • White powder coated aluminium doors (23.70kg) • Alloy ramp (32kg) • Double fall arrest system (3kg) • 12mm Wisadeck floor (61kg) • Galvanised sign rack (75kg) • Front & Rear beacon • Lp13 lightboard (20kg) • CPD gator step & grab handle (9kg) • 6x lashing points on bulkhead • V-groove side frame with integrated lashing points (10.08kg)
• Strobes front and rear • Reverse alarm • Reverse camera • Air suspension • Load lock system • Aluminium bulkhead • Aerodynamic pod (10kg) • Tow bar & Electrics (18.96kg) • Armaton door fasteners • Length 13ft 6” • Width 88”


Chassis type: Ford Skeletal Chassis Bare

Chassis Weight: 1660KG

Body Weight: 638 KG

Payload: 1202KG

If you have any questions or requirements please contact Sam@doocey.co.uk we are now taking orders on this chassis.

We look forward to hearing from you.