Monday Morning’s at CPD Bodies

March 26, 2018

Firstly, CPD Bodies would like to wish everyone a very happy, positive Monday, it’s no secret to say that many of us dread a Monday morning. However, if your passionate about your work you should be up and ready to tackle every challenge head on. CPD Bodies see Mondays as a fresh start, each new week brings new opportunities and we aim towards a success.

Monday morning routine…arrive in the office early, clock in, say good morning to all whilst your laptop is waking up, hot strong coffee and start writing your to do list. Mondays for us at CPD Bodies is preparation day, it’s all about having a new goal and visualising your week.

By 8am everyone is in ready to go, phones are ringing, meetings are being arranged, the radio is on, workshops are in full swing and every member of staff is motivated for the week ahead.

With Easter creeping closer this week is Monday-Thursday leaving Good Friday to kickstart the long weekend. This however does not mean we will sit back and relax, chassis will arrive, builds will be completed, meetings will be attended, quotes will be issued, admin will be documented, and builds will be sent to QC, meaning everyone on site will be kept on their toes.

If you haven’t already, grab a pen and make sure you highlight the 24th – 26th April 2018 on your calendar. The CV Show is getting closer, with only 29 sleeps to go! This is our first year exhibiting so it’s exciting times for us and we have some fantastic builds to showcase. We are aiming to make a difference and stand out from the crowd so please make sure you come along to stand number 3C80 to say hello.

Thank you for reading, lastly CPD Bodies would like to wish everyone a happy Monday but remember Tuesday is another day, keep your mind positive, smile and be happy.

#weareCPD #WATA