Production and Purchasing working together

May 8, 2018

Behind the scenes the production and purchasing managers work closely together on a day to day basis to come up with innovative solutions and ways to improve methods of building by using new components not yet seen on a 3.5t commercial build.


Jamie Haslam – Production Manager

Jamie is one of the long-time serving members of staff and also one of Cathals trusted friends that he grew up with. Not only does Jamie share the same values of the business but has grown through the ranks to learn and understand how every nut and bolt and engineering design is needed to produce a high quality build.


Jamie takes a great deal of pride in his and his teams work on site and he’s always up for a challenge. Jamie likes a good challenge and has had to interpret some interesting customer requirements, one thing is for sure, the whole team can tackle pretty much anything that gets thrown at them.



Marvin Boyce – Purchasing Manager

Marvin is another long term friend of Cathal and has also progressed similarly through the ranks like Jamie. Every nut, bolt and washer that enters site is controlled by Marvin and his team and he is responsible for keeping up with the high volume of production we see each week across our entire site. Lots of lean manufacturing processes have been implemented to ensure that we are as efficient as we can be. Marvin is always keen to look into new suppliers, so please contact him if you have any new products or services that may be of interest to CPD Bodies Ltd.



CPD Bodies are always striving as a business to improve design and make the customers life easier and this sometimes starts with listening to the customers issues and designing a solution to that issue. CPD Bodies were the first to obtain a number of manufacturer approved and accredited partner certifications such as the Ford QVM and manufacturers have now noticed the benefits of how we design, build and offer our products and services to the end user.

Both production and purchasing are crucial roles in the business and CPD Bodies would like to thank Jamie and Marvin for their loyalty, passion and dedication over the past years.