Quality Control

March 28, 2018

CPD Bodies would like to introduce you to our team and share with you the importance of Quality Control.

Quality control is a process ensuring product quality is maintained and improved, ultimately, we are aiming towards eliminating manufacturing errors. In order to carry out quality control in January 2018 CPD Bodies launched our new QC area and building within walking distance from the main site. Allowing our exclusive team to focus solely on quality control in a safe working environment.

We have a dedicated team here at CPD Bodies that keep things running smoothly. Alan Richardson is our main guy on site, he is fully qualified to assess the design specification and quality of each build and is responsible for carrying out all necessary quality checks before the vehicle can be signed off.

Alan Richardson

Rob Kenny has now settled into his role of QC Manager. He oversees each build making sure that his guys are maintaining standards and ensures that he and his team adhere to all legal and customer requirements. Rob also manages our VCA Whole Type Approval, CPD Bodies were one of the first commercial vehicle bodybuilders in the UK to achieve VCA Whole Type Approval on various models. CPD Bodies are proud to say that we are one of the market leaders on Type Approval and this is down to dedication and building trusting relationships.

Rob Kenny

After sales has now officially launched and Rob Kenny is your man. Offering full UK coverage for all repairs on CPD Bodies work and other manufacturers. Any questions please call 01642 607061 we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for reading, CPD Bodies would like to wish everyone a great week.

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