Rainy days at CPD Bodies

April 10, 2018

Spring is the season when many things start to change including the weather yes, I know it can sometimes be unpredictable and I’m fully aware that sunny days may be followed by a week of stormy weather but it’s fair to say I think we deserve a little bit of warm happy weather don’t you.

However, I suppose today is not that day, you’d think after been hit by ‘The Beast from the East’ a little sunshine wouldn’t be too much to ask for but I suppose like anything we have to be patient and ride out these grey, dull, rainy days. On days like these, when the rain seems to be never ending and all you seem to think about is crawling back in to bed, it is hard to keep motivated but bills must be paid and work needs to be done.

No matter the weather CPD Bodies keep motivated let’s face it, just because it’s raining doesn’t mean our work should be affected. Just like any other day work must go on, the lads in the workshops have the radio on, as much as I don’t agree with some of their song choices they are in high spirits cracking on with work.

Every member of staff on site are busy, from the girls in the office, to the lads in the workshops and management because we all have individual deadlines to meet and daily tasks to get through. Meetings are commencing, admin is being organised, builds are in progress and conversations are flowing on a whole, it’s a normal day here at CPD Bodies.

Ultimately, what I’m trying to say is no matter what the day brings CPD Bodies do not get complacent or comfortable, as we are always striving to improve our services and be the best at what we do.

Don’t let a rainy day’s get you down, stay focused and keep reminding yourself of your journey because only you can make a difference.

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