Van Security: CPD Bodies Tips

May 26, 2016

For thousands of people across the UK, a van is at the heart of their businesses operations. Many of this number however, do not consider the huge impact to their business, having their van, it’s contents or tools stolen.

Light Commercial Vehicles are increasingly becoming targets for both opportunistic thieves and criminal gangs. Reports have shown that 64% of stolen LCV’s are stolen midweek, at night from residential areas, with low recovery rates most light commercial vehicles are shipped abroad within a matter of days. We have compiled some tips and ideas to help keep your vehicle, and your business on the road.

Consider Security When You Choose Your Van

There’s always a lot to consider when choosing a van for your business, that’s partly why we created an all new 3D Vehicle Builder. Whilst modern vans offer a strong range of security features such as alarms, immobilisers and deadlocks which can be specified at the point of purchase, there is a number of additional equipment which can help increase vehicle security. Note, this equipment can also be fitted retrospectively.

These include:

Catalytic Converter Locks – A product designed to prevent thieves stealing your catalytic converter, for the copper it contains. These locks usually form a cage of toughened steel.

Van Tracking Systems – Widely available for any type of vehicles,  tracking systems are used to track single vans or entire fleets.

Extra Locks – Addressing both general and specific security threats, there are a wide range of aftermarket LCV locks available including slam locks and deadlocks.

Fitted Toolboxes –  A wide range of integrated secure toolboxes can be fitted in the body of your van.

Bulkheads/Partitions – Bulkheads don’t just protect your van’s occupants from goods in the back, they can also prevent criminals gaining access to either you van cab or the goods in the back.

Think about where you park

Ensure that you park your van where a thief cannot easily and discreetly gain access to it. Regardless of whether you are leaving your van to make a delivery, or are parking it up at the end of a shift, where possible ensure the vehicle is parked in a well lit area, covered by CCTV. If you park your van at home consider installing security lighting, gates or lockable bollards.


Don’t leave valuables inside your van

We have all seen the stickers ‘ No Tools Kept In This Van Overnight’, but how often does the van’s owner live by this sticker? The best way to prevent tools being stolen from your van, is to not leave them in the van in the first instance.

Although it’s not the ideal task to carry out at the end of a long day, remove what tools you can from the vehicle and ensure what remains in the vehicles is kept well out of people’s eye-line. This rule is as important for other equipment which may be stored in the cab, such as work phones, petty cash and sat navs.

Invest in Window Grilles & Blanks

Ideal for providing protection for rear windows and doors, there is a selection of aftermarket steel van window grilles and blanks. These products not only provide a visual deterrent and a physical barrier from entry through your van’s windows, they are easily installed in a matter of minutes.

Keep a record of your contents

This one’s more of damage limitation than crime prevention…If the unthinkable happens and your van is broken into, its essential to understand exactly what has been taken. Keep an up to date inventory of what is kept in the van and keep receipts of your most expensive items. This will ensure that your insurance claim is submitted as quickly and easily as possible.